Publication of award-winning paper
The Journal of Official Statistics has published a paper on „Supplementing Small Probability Samples with Nonprobability Samples: A Bayesian Approach“ by Joseph W. Sakshaug, Arkadiusz Wiśniowski, Diego Andres Perez Ruiz and Annelies G. Blom
Free access to West and Blom (2017)
JSSAM grants free access to most cited and most read article.
Dr. Höhne receives DAAD scholarship
Dr. Jan Karem Höhne to visit the University of Michigan for 3-months research stay.
Student Assistant part of Enactus National Cup Winning Team
Marie-Lou Sohnius among the students contributing to winning the Enactus National Cup
Prof. Blom gives Keynote Speech on Memory Effects in Surveys
Prof. Blom gave a Keynote Speech on „Memory Effects in Surveys“ at the Workshop on „Measurement Error in Longitudinal Data“.
Tobias Rettig receives RAT Travel Award
Tobias Rettig receives grant for the European Survey Research Association (ESRA) conference in Zagreb.
Cochran-Hansen Prize for joint paper
Diego Andres Perez Ruiz wins the 2019 Cochran-Hansen Prize of the International Association for Survey Statisticians
New publication in Social Science Computer Review
The Influence of a Person’s Digital Affinity on Unit Nonresponse and Attrition in an Online Panel by Jessica M.E. Herzing and Annelies G. Blom
New publication in Sociological Methods and Research
Generalization of classic question order effects across cultures