MCM 2021 will be a virtual conference.


We will use zoom for the talks and for the coffee breaks.

We assume that everybody is familiar with zoom now -- after more than one year of digital talks and teaching. (If not, please have a look on the webpage of zoom.)

As a substitute for the coffee breaks and informal discussions we will use Here you will have your own avatar (in retro graphics of the 1990s) and you can walk around to see who is present. If you approach other people (or groups of people) you will be able to talk to the group. There will be also virtual whiteboards available for discussions.

Links and access codes for registered participants have been sent out on 10.08. If you have not received them (and are registered) please contact the organizers.

For remaining technical questions, we will offer two question hours:

  • Thursday, 12.08, 16:00 -- 17:00 (UTC+2)
  • Friday, 13.08, 10:00 -- 11:00 (UTC+2)

If you want to participate in one of the question hours, please send an e-mail to  until 10.08.

The question hours have been cancelled due to lack of demand.