Courses Taught by MISES Staff

E701 Advanced Microeconomics I

The course is aimed at doctoral students in all fields of business administration. It provides an introduction to microeconomic theory, highlighting aspects which are of specific relevance for business research.

Instructors: Nikolas Wölfing, Stefan Reichelstein

Lecture Period: October 8-December 5, 2019

Schedule: Tuesdays 17:15-18:45

                  Thursdays 15:30-17:00

Room: See Portal2 for lecture room  

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    ACC 574 Business Opportunities in the Clean Energy Transition

    This course examines business models and opportunities related to clean energy, specifically to decarbonized energy. We examine emerging trends in the context of technological change, business fundamentals and the parameters set by public policy.
    Specific topics to be examined include: (i) Carbon Emissions and the Clean Energy Transition, (ii) Modeling Cost Competitiveness of Alternative Energy Technologies, (iii) the Momentum of Renewable Energy, (iv) Integration of Renewable Energy Sources, (v) Energy Storage and (vi) Sustainable Transportation

    Credits: 6 ECTS

    The course is offered in spring term only. It is open to Master Students at the University of Mannheim.


    Research Colloquium: Pathways to Decarbonization


    The course identifies strategies for reducing CO2 emissions. Participants examine technological developments, business models and public policy.

    Instructor’s permission to enroll. Please contact Stefan Reichelstein.