Social Economy Scientific Conference – Session II



Die zweite Sitzung der Konferenz läuft unter dem Titel „Social economy as part of an ecosystem – A conducive environment for the development and spread of new models, technologies and concepts“

How can sustainable business models, the use of algorithms, the concepts of impact investing and impact measurement foster the social, ecological and economic impact of the social economy? In Session II we discuss the development and spread of these new models and concepts and their potential for the social economy, along with the required measures that each ecosystem needs to become a conducive environment. Marieke Huysentruyt (HEC Paris), Geoff Mulgan (University College London), Alex Nicholls (University of Oxford) and Lisa Hehenberger (ESADE) present their research and together with Dominika Wruk (University of Mannheim) discuss how adequate mechanisms and support structures could look like.

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