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Social Economy Scientific Conference - Session III

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Die dritte Sitzung der Konferenz läuft unter dem Titel „Social economy as a partner for policymakers and the not for profit sector – Principles, strategies and tools for accelerating innovative and impactful actions in the social economy“

How do we govern the social economy to scale its impact, enable social investment to evolve, build diverse actor coalitions with a strong grounding in society, capture social impacts and stimulate social innovation? In Session III we discuss how to make progress on these accounts to unleash the potential of the social economy. Kai Hockerts (Copenhagen Business School), Antonio Miguel (Maze – Decoding Impact), Eleanor Carter (University of Oxford), and Eva Varga (Euclid Network) will present their research and chaired by Gorgi Krlev (University of Heidelberg) discuss how effective governance structures and policy frameworks could look like.

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