Teaching Continues Online

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, all courses and seminars offered by the Department of English continue online, as self-study courses with extensive written feedback by the lectures or a mixture of both. Below are some examples of what remote teaching and learning offers by the Department look like.

Dr. Gunnar Jacob teaches the seminars Quantitative Research Methods in Linguistics  together with PD Dr. Agnieszka Krautz and his seminar Sentence Processing in Second-Language Learners  online in a “Virtual Classroom” via Adobe Connect.

Juliane Elter and Lena Kaltenbach have moved the seminar Introduction to Diachronic Linguistics online by adapting existing course materials for remote and guided learning. Slides and other materials have been augmented with teacher notes, self-study questions, guided exploration questions and resources, YouTube videos and previously recorded lectures on the course’s topic. Online office hours and ILIAS forum groups open up the interaction for students and lecturers.

Dr. Ira Gawlitzek continues to teach all her courses online. Her lecture Introduction to Linguistics is an inverted classroom anyway, and all material is available online for self-paced learning. Questions can be discussed via the forum on ILIAS and the tutorials are organized as groups working on worksheets and getting feedback from the tutors. Her seminars About about and other prepositions, Linguistic Borders and Multilingualism continue online with a mixture of feedbacked worksheets, online discussions via etherpad and podcasts.

Fach­didaktik II Englisch is continued as an online course with daily tasks for presentation groups who are now preparing their lesson simulations. The lecture Sprachliche und kulturelle Heterogenität will be inverted. The content will be presented via videos and virtual lessons might take place.

Dr. Philip Griffiths moved all his courses online. The Essay Writing course meets online every week via Zoom and essays are handed in via e-mail. The Phonetics Lectureis taught via PowerPoint presentations with audio commentary.