SMiP IOPS Conference 2021

This year's SMiP IOPS Conference took place on 8th and 9th July 2021. We welcomed many SMiP and IOPS members as well as the SMiP group's Mercator Fellow Jeffrey Rouder as keynote speaker. Owing to the pandemic, the conference was held in a digital environment.

The program included
(1) talks by SMiP and IOPS PhD Candidates, each discussed by one senior researcher and one PhD Candidate,
(2) posters presented by SMiP and IOPS PhD Candidates (probably in the afternoon of 8th July),
(3) a keynote talk by the SMiP Mercator Fellow Jeff Rouder (in the early evening of 8th July, owing to the time difference between Germany and California),
(4) a board meeting and
(5) the presentation of the yearly SMiP and IOPS awards for: the best paper 2020 / 2021, best presentation and best poster (at SMiP IOPS conference).


A more detailed version of the program is available here.