Voluntary PhD Colloquium

This semester is the first time there will be a voluntary biweekly colloquium among PhD Candidates. The purpose of this PhD Colloquium is mutual support and opportunity for cooperation – across SMiP locations and despite restrictions due to Covid-19. It will take place on Mondays at around 17:30 – 18:55 pm, followed by an informal SMiP Gathering that is open to all SMiP members. PhD Candidates will be able to book time slots to present and freely discuss a challenge in their dissertation projects. There will be space for other productive cooperation, such as targeted discussions on how to master crucial steps in the dissertation process. The colloquium is meant to be a flexible opportunity to take. Approach it in the way that is most useful to you, so it is a worthwhile investment for everyone. The first session will be on 25 October. Please make sure to regularly check your SMiP Slack for communication and organization of contributions. The organizing team (Nils Petras, Viola Merhof, Julian Quevedo Pütter, Julius Fenn) is very much looking forward to all contributions and lively discussions!


25 October
02 November (SMiP Gathering afterwards)
23 November
06 December (SMiP Gathering afterwards)
17 December