Danielle Pessach, M.Sc.

Danielle Pessach, M.Sc.

University of Freiburg
Institute for Psychology
Engelbergerstraße 41
79106 Freiburg

Danielle Pessach decided to leave the SMiP program for personal reasons by the end of 2020.

Primary Advisor: Prof. Dr. Christoph Klauer (University of Freiburg)

Additional Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Andrea Kiesel, Prof. Dr. Mandy Hütter

Dissertation Proposal: How we Reason: Modeling Approaches in Reasoning

  • Posters

    Pessach, D. (2018, July 9–23).Dual-process vs. source integration in reasoning: Comparison using linear ballistic accumulators [Poster presentation]. Summer School Computational and Mathematical Modeling of Cognition, Couches, Frances.

    Pessach, D. & Klauer, K. C. (2018, March 11–14). Base rate task: Not a measure of logical processing [Poster presentation]. 60. Tagung experimentell arbeitender Psychologen, Marburg, Germany.