Luisa Horsten

Luisa Horsten, M.Sc.

Luisa Horsten, M.Sc.

University of Koblenz Landau
Campus Landau
Fortstr. 7 – Room K2.22
76829 Landau

Primary Advisor:   Prof. Benjamin Hilbig, Ph.D. (University of Koblenz-Landau)

Additional Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Tanja Lischetzke, Prof. Dr. Edgar Erdfelder

Dissertation Proposal: What is the Common Core of Dark Personality Traits (not)?

  • Research Areas

    • Personality and Individual Differences
    • Models of Personality Structure
    • Dark Factor of Personality
  • Publications

    Moshagen, M., Zettler, I., Horsten, L. K., & Hilbig, B. E. (2020). Agreeableness and the common core of dark traits are functionally different constructs. Journal of Research in Personality, 87, 103986.

  • Talks

    Horsten, L., Henninger, F., & Hilbig, B. (2018). Beyond mean comparisons: a model based process-level comparison of online and laboratory based experimental data. Talk given at the 60th Conference of Experimental Psychologists, March 11 th to 14 th in Marburg. Data and material

    Bacherle, P., Grosswardt, C., Horsten, L., Kraft, V., & Tiede, K. (2013). Watching television as an Emotional Episode? Application of the Peak-End-Rule to the Reception of TV-Shows. Talk given at the 8th Conference of the Media Psychology Division, September 4 th to 6 th 2013 in Würzburg

  • Posters

    Horsten, L., & Rasch, T. (2018). ‚I am proud of you.‘ Or should we say ‚I am proud for you‘? Poster presented at the 7th CERE Conference April 4 th–5 th 2018 in Glasgow, UK. Data and material

    Horsten, L., Henninger, F., Anton, S.-M., Drummer, M. Kraus, L. & Lischitzki, J. (2016). Open Sampling: The effect of arrangement of gamble outcomes on risky choices. Poster presented at the 58th Conference of Experimental Psychologists, March 21st to 23rd , 2016 in Heidelberg, Germany. Data and poster

    Horsten, L. (2019, June). The Dark Core of Personality: Dissociating D from Honesty-Humility. Poster at the 34th IOPS/SMiP Summer Conference, 13-14 June 2019, Utrecht, Netherlands.