Constantin Meyer-Grant

Constantin Meyer-Grant, M.Sc.

Constantin Meyer-Grant, M.Sc.

University of Freiburg
Institute for Psychology
Chair of Methodology and Social Psychology
Engelberger Str. 41
79085 Freiburg

Constantin Meyer-Grant is the current spokesperson of the SMiP PhD Candidates.

Primary Advisor:  Prof. Dr. Karl Christoph Klauer (University of Freiburg)

Additional Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Andreas Voss, Prof. Dr. Rolf Ulrich

Dissertation Proposal: Evaluating Different Models of Recognition Memory in the Context of Simultaneous Detection and Identification

  • Research Areas

    • Mathematical Models of Cognitive Processes
    • Recognition Memory
    • Logical Reasoning
    • Numerical Cognition
    • Response Time Modeling
    • Probability Theory
    • Stochastic Processes
    • Statistical Inference
  • Publications

    Meyer-Grant, C. G., Cruz, N., Singmann, H., Winiger, S., Goswami, S., Hayes, B. K., & Klauer, K. C. (in press). Are logical intuitions only make-believe? Reexamining the logic-liking effect. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition.

    Meyer-Grant, C. G. & Klauer, K. C. (in press) Disentangling different aspects of between-item similarity unveils evidence against the ensemble model of lineup memory. Computational Brain & Behavior.

    Meyer-Grant, C. & Klauer, K.C. (2021). Monotonicity of rank order probabilities in signal detection models of simultaneous detection and identification. Journal of Mathematical Psychology, 105, 1-24.

  • Talks

    Meyer-Grant, C. G.,& Klauer, K. C. (2022). Simultaneous detection and identification – What an eyewitness task can teach us about models of recognition Memory. 64th Conference of Experimental Psychologists (TeaP), online.

    Jakob, M. A., Meyer-Grant, C. G., & Klauer, K. C. (2022). Testing the stochastic independence of processes within the dual process signal detection model. 64th Conference of Experimental Psychologists (TeaP), online.

    Meyer-Grant, C. G. (2021).  Simultaneous detection and identification – Evaluating different models of recognition memory. GESS/CDSS Workshop Research in Psychology, Mannheim.