Course Updates

Dear students,
the new semester has just begun and the Institute of Sports is more than happy to welcome plenty of new and old faces alike. As usual we have come up with a healty balance of sports and pastimes to get you through autumn and winter. Whether you are more of a lone wolf or a team player, seek to improve strenght or endurance, are aching to try out a new sport or prove yourself in a tournament, you will most certainly find something suitable for your needs in our new sports progam!

The new program will be in place from August 28, 2017 - December 10, 2017. The current courses, registration deadlines and time tables will be available for download in the sport program, which can be found in the download section of our homepage shortly. From now on, it will also be able to be checked online via the Program link. To spontaneously check courses, you can not only have a quick look at our homepage but use the Uni Mannheim app as well.

The new schedule kicks off on Sunday, August 27, 2017 with a tour to the adventure day. Everyone who has not had enough marathon fun last semester, has now got the chance to complete a half marathon, team marathon or a 9-mile-walk at the Franklin Meilenlauf. We have also expanded our fitness classes and are offering plenty new courses, such as Bodyforming and Pole Fitness. From this semester on, Rugby is also back on the schedule! In the area of dancesports, there are many different new classes and workshops on offer. We are also offering esports training for the very first time! Participation certainly pays!

We wish you a great new semester and lots of fun with the University sports.

Sporty regards,
your Institute of Sports



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