Mission Statement

With its unique blend of renowned Economic and Social Sciences that are interwoven with excellent Humanities, Business, Law, Mathematics and Informatics, the University of Mannheim excels in both research and teaching. This interdisciplinary approach ensures long-term competitiveness of its researchers and graduates who are working in national and international enterprises or research centers.

The clear-cut portfolio of academic programs is one of the key features of the University of Mannheim, and as such, enhances the visibility of research and teaching. The University’s profile and its structure as an organization base on the following strategic objectives.

    • It is the University’s mission to educate future leaders in business, research, and society.
    • The University of Mannheim promotes outstanding research of individuals and their opera magna as well as outstanding achievements of academic departments and interdisciplinary research projects in collaborative research centers and in the Graduate School of Economic and Social Sciences.
    • In addition to teaching specialist knowledge, the University of Mannheim strives to raise awareness of interrelated issues and encourages academics and future executives to take on social responsibility.
    • The University of Mannheim establishes strong master’s programs. Thus, on the one hand, the University contributes to cover society’s need for highly qualified personalities in leadership positions and, on the other hand, enables the most distinguished young women and men to start a research career.
    • The unity of research and teaching is the foundation of the University of Mannheim and defines its acclaimed research institutions. This unity of research and teaching is to be maintained and strengthened.
    • The University of Mannheim promotes social entrepreneurship. The University provides a framework for research in this field and supports students and graduates on their way to entrepreneurial independence.

    • The University of Mannheim regards the equality of women and men in research and society as one of the major goals in higher education policy. The University makes every endeavor to abolish the ongoing discrimination of women, especially in academia, and strives to make full use of women’s skills in the fields of teaching, research and administration. Therefore, the University puts an emphasis on the support of young female researchers from their doctorate to their appointment to a professorship.
    • The University promotes social diversity and regards it as a source of innovation. In accordance with its policy to ensure equal opportunities, the University furthers the individual development of its members, regardless of their personal background. In this context, the reconciliation of academic work, professional life, and family responsibilities is in particular encouraged by a family-friendly work environment.