The pension rally: Design, testing and evaluation of a gamified learning environment on the topic of old-age provision

Against the backdrop of demographic change, personal responsibility for old-age provision is increasing, which is particularly true for young people. At the same time, the German pension system is considered complex and there is a lack of educational offers that sensitise young people to the topic of pension provision, promote their understanding of the system and support their ability to act with regard to their pension behaviour. The project “Pension Rally” addresses these goals by designing, testing and evaluating a gamified learning environment on the topic of old-age provision.

Based on a design-based research approach, a prototype of the pension rally is being created that has a modular structure. Within several modules, different contents with reference to the German pension system are developed. For example, there is a station on the three pillars of old-age provision or a station on the pension formula of the statutory pension insurance as well as on possibilities of private old-age provision. Each station has an introduction and an elaboration part, using different forms of presentation (e.g., videos, texts or comics). Finally, each module ends with a quiz to test what has been learned in a gamified way. The prototype will first be subjected to usability testing. In addition, studies on the curricular embedding and field experiments to evaluate the effectiveness of the pension rally are planned.

Project status: ongoing

Project team

  • Prof. Dr. Carmela Aprea
  • Ronja Baginski
  • Merve Suna

Project-related presentations

Baginski, R. (2022). Die Rentenrallye: Design, Erprobung und Evaluation einer gamifizierten Lernumgebung zum Thema Altersvorsorge. FNA-Graduiertenkolloquium 2022, Online.