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On the following pages, you will find the examination regulations of all current degree programs and programs in phaseout taught at the University of Mannheim as well as general and program-specific information on the subject of examinations.

The responsible contact persons at Student Services will be happy to assist you with issuing transcripts and degree certificates.

Examination Regulations

Click here for the English versions of the examination regulations for the programs taught in English as well as the English translation of the Regulations on Admission and Enrollment (ZulImmaO). For a comprehensive overview of all examination regulations for the bachelor’s, master’s and teacher education programs and the programs in phaseout, please see the German version of the page.

Taking an Examination

General and program-specific information on taking examinations: When and where will my exams take place and how do I register for them? What do I do if I want to withdraw or de-register from an exam, or change my registration?

Transcripts and Degree Certificates

Are you a recent graduate? Student Services will provide the documents confirming your graduation. You can also contact us if you have lost your original degree certificate. We are happy to issue a new one subject to a fee.

Final Examinations in Teacher Education Programs

Information on the written and oral final examinations in the bachelor’s program in Teacher Education (B.Ed.) and the first state examination in the state examination program in Teacher Education (GymPO I).

Extension of examination deadlines due to the coronavirus pandemic

In order to mitigate the adverse effects of studying under the current pandemic conditions, legislators have extended the standard periods of study and the deadlines for completing coursework and examinations.

Read more about the extension of examination deadlines


Examination committees

The examination committees will advise you on all matters relating to the examination regulations. They are responsible for the recognition of coursework and examinations and have the authority to grant extensions of deadlines. The University of Mannheim has several examination committees. Please click the link below to find out which examination committee is responsible for you.

Read more about the examination committees