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15 September 2022
GBP Monitor September: More and more companies overstate their profits in financial statements
The September report of the German Business Panel (GBP) shows that financial information of companies must currently be taken with a grain of salt. It seems that companies are using their room for manoeuver more than they used to, and that they use it, in particular, to make their profits appear higher.


25 August 2022
Renewable energy sources are more profitable than ever
A new study by economists from the University of Mannheim shows that plants in good locations can now be operated profitably without subsidies.

19 August 2022
University of Mannheim joins German Reproducibility Network (GRN)
Since July 2022, the University of Mannheim has become a member of the German Reproducibility Network (GRN), a multidisciplinary consortium advocating for more transparency in research. The University of Mannheim is the first university to join this network.

15 August 2022
GBP Monitor August: More than Half of the Companies in Germany Received State Aids, Businesses Hit Hardest by the Coronavirus Pandemic Now Demand for More
The war in Ukraine continues to effect companies in Germany. This is documented in the August report of the German Business Panel (GBP) at the University of Mannheim. Profit expectations of businesses fell to a new low in July. Companies will continue to cut investments drastically. Therefore, demands for new government aids are renewed. The industries hit hardest by the coronavirus crisis, in particular, are in need of more state aids. The lessons learned from the past government aid packages can help create effective measures.


15 July 2022
GBP Monitor: Companies’ Satisfaction with the Government’s Economic Policy Hits Annual Low
Due to the energy crisis and planning uncertainty, German companies are currently particularly dissatisfied with the government’s economic policy. This is documented in the July report of the German Business Panel (GBP) at the University of Mannheim. Industries that depend on gas supply are particularly frustrated, since the possible gas supply shortage and the uncertainty that comes with it makes it impossible for them to make longterm decisions. The continuing decline in profits is also contributing to the bad mood in the industry.


15 June 2022
GBP Report: Cost Pressure Increases and Retailers Plan to Raise Prices Even More
Roughly three months after the war in Ukraine broke out, the key business figures of companies in Germany are recovering. This is documented in the June report of the German Business Panel (GBP). However, the continuing cost pressure is a burden on the companies and they are passing along the increase to their customers.

15 June 2022
New Executive Vice President of the University of Mannheim Elected
Dr. Katrin Schoppa-Bauer will take over the office from Barbara Windscheid on 1 January.


30 May 2022
Developing countries are benefiting from debt suspension
A new study by Valentin Lang (University of Mannheim), David Mihalyi (Kiel University) and Andrea Presbitero (International Monetary Fund) shows that creditors can help heavily indebted countries manage crises by allowing them to defer debt repayments. The findings are also relevant for political decision-making.

16 May 2022
GBP Monitor: Companies reduce investments and job openings in anticipation of energy embargo and further cost pressure

3 May 2022
CHE University Ranking: University of Mannheim Offers Excellent Conditions for Online Teaching and First-Year Students
Psychology programs ranked the best in Germany / Students of German Studies and Romance Studies benefit from the excellent structure of the degree courses and support for first-year students


21 April 2022
International Study: Copying the Far Right Doesn’t Help Mainstream Parties – On the Contrary
Adopting the policies of far-right parties will not convince voters to switch back to supporting mainstream parties. Mannheim political scientist Denis Cohen points this out on the occasion of the French presidential elections.

20 April 2022
Why hydrogen is already an economical energy source
At peak times, hydrogen can be an economically viable addition to electricity supply – provided that the hydrogen is converted on so-called reversible power-to-gas-storage systems. This is the result of a new study by Mannheim economists Professor Stefan Reichelstein, Ph.D., and Professor Dr. Gunther Glenk.

12 April 2022
Can Machines Read My Face?
Psychologists of the University of Mannheim have conducted numerous studies to analyze how computer programs recognize emotions. Their finding is that the emerging technology holds great potential for psychological research and may even replace in-person observations in emotion research. However, the programs’ sensitivity is still to be improved. 

6 April 2022
International QS Ranking: The University of Mannheim Is Germany’s Best University in Economics and Business Administration
In the worldwide comparison of the “QS World University Rankings by Subject 2022”, the University of Mannheim ranked number 115 in the Social Sciences and Management category. In the areas of Accounting & Finance and Business & Management Studies, it ranks first in Germany once again.


24 March 2022
ERC Grant: High EU Funding for Mannheim Psychologist Jochen Gebauer
Mannheim psychologist Professor Jochen Gebauer is to receive around EUR 2 million in research funding thanks to a Consolidator Grant from the European Research Council (ERC).

22 March 2022
Online Fair for Prospective Students
On 31 March 2022, prospective students from all over the world can join us via PC, tablet or smartphone and learn more about the master’s programs at the University of Mannheim and campus life in the so-called Quadratestadt Mannheim (“city of squares”).

15 March 2022
GBP Monitor: Many Companies Support Sanctions despite Being Financially Burdened by the War in Ukraine
The war in Ukraine has been going on for almost three weeks. The difficult political situation is also affecting the business situation of companies in Germany.

16 March 2022
Accepting Refugees Increases Per Capita Income, Productivity, and Wages in Germany in the Long Term
A new study led by the economists Antonio Ciccone (University of Mannheim) and Jan Nimczik (ESMT Berlin) investigates the long-term economic consequences of the influx of expellees after World War II.


14 February 2022
First Guidebook of Pro-Government Militias Worldwide
Conflict researcher Sabine Carey of the University of Mannheim developed the first online catalogue with extensive information on over 500 pro-government militias worldwide.


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