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Press Releases


23 May 2024
Mannheim Economist Michèle Tertilt Receives 2024 Birgit Grodal Award
Professor Tertilt is the first German to receive the Birgit Grodal Award of the European Economic Association (EEA) for her outstanding work in the field of macroeconomics, development economics, and family economics.

22 May 2024
Students of the University of Mannheim Receive the City of Mannheim’s Sustainability Award
For the second time, the City of Mannheim has honored students for their final theses on sustainability. At the University of Mannheim, Jan Schweers, a master’s student, and Jennifer Hahn, an alumna, have received this year’s Sustainability Award.

21 May 2024
Legal Scholar Shows That Legal Obligations to Protect Future Generations Already Exist
The obligations of politicians towards future generations can be derived from the existing legal system. This is shown by Mannheim jurist Svenja Behrendt in her latest publication.

10 May 2024
Job loss due to milking machines – a blessing for Norwegian women
Artificial intelligence, self-driving cars or smart robots are rapidly changing the way we work. People are more and more afraid of being replaced by machines. A study by the Mannheim professor Philipp Ager shows that the career outlook is not necessarily negative.

8 May 2024
The Top 10 Percent Are the Main Beneficiaries of Globalization
A study of Dr. Valentin Lang, junior professor of Political Economy at the University of Mannheim, and his co-author Marina M. Tavares of the International Monetary Fund, shows that the top ten percent of the national income distributions, in particular, have benefited from globalization.

3 May 2024
CHE University Ranking: University of Mannheim Offers Excellent Conditions for Studying
Political Science and Sociology receive top rankings


17 April 2024
Senate of the University of Mannheim Has Elected New Vice Presidents / Digitalization and Diversity Will Be Integrated More Deeply into the Work of the President's Office

  • Professor Dr. Jutta Mata, Professor Dr. Heiko Paulheim and Professor Dr. Cornelia Ruhe will become new members of the President's Office on 1 October 2024
  • Professor Dr. Moritz Fleischmann has been re-elected

10 April 2024
International QS Ranking: The University of Mannheim Is Germany’s Best University in Economics and Business Administration Again
In the worldwide comparison of the “QS World University Rankings by Subject 2024”, the University of Mannheim ranked number 136 in the Social Sciences and Management category. In the area Accounting & Finance, it ranks first in Germany once again, in the areas of Business & Management Studies and Economics & Econometrics it ranks second.

14 March 2024
Open Science Office at the University of Mannheim Made Permanent
The Open Science Office at the University of Mannheim, founded in 2021, will be made permanent after three years of start-up funding. This decision underlines the University's clear commitment to transparent and reproducible research and its active role in promoting Open Science.

12 March 2024
University of Mannheim Is Part of the National Research Hub Neuroethics
The aim of the new Research Hub Neuroethics (RHUNE) is to create and promote a strong and sustainable network for neuroethics research in Germany and to increase the visibility of German neuroethics research internationally. Mannheim researcher Philipp Kellmeyer contributes to the establishment of the innovative, collaborative project.

12 March 2024
Social Acceptance of Immigrants Working as Politicians or Judges Is Low
Often, the dominant society develops negative attitudes towards immigrants and their descendants because their integration is too successful – and not, because they are unwilling to integrate. This is the finding of a new study, conducted by researchers of the University of Mannheim and Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.


12 February 2024
Surprising Finding: Higher Alcohol and Cigarette Taxes Reduce Marijuana Use
Young people often use marijuana in combination with alcohol and cigarettes. Therefore, a combination of tax increases on all three counterbalances rising marijuana use among youth after legalization. These are empirical findings of the discussion paper “More than Joints: Multi-Substance Use, Choice Limitations, and Policy Implications” by the EPoS Economic Research Center at the Universities of Bonn and Mannheim.

7 February 2024
The Higher the Level of Corporate Social Responsibility, the More Ethical the Private Behavior of Employees
When companies become more involved in social and environmental issues, this also has a positive effect on the moral behavior of their employees outside of work. This is the finding of a new study conducted by researchers of the Business School of the University of Mannheim.


31 January 2024
Thomas Fetzer Elected New President of the University of Mannheim
The Professor of Law and current Vice President is set to take over from President Thomas Puhl in October

19 January 2024
GBP Monitor in January: Sustainable Companies Are Not More Honest than Others When It Comes to Financial Reporting
Since this year, many companies are obliged to publish their key sustainability figures in the same way they publish their financial information. But how do companies deal with the non-financial ESG figures which include environmental and social aspects as well as governance? The latest report of the German Business Panel (GBP) shows that more than a quarter of these companies exercise accounting discretion, this means they use the legal room for maneuver to present their results in a more positive way.

12 January 2024
New Ways for a Compromise in Migration Policy
The German populations’ immigration policy preferences are more nuanced than commonly understood and it is possible to bring together contrasting views. This is shown in a current study of sociologists and political scientists of the University of Mannheim and New York University.

8 January 2024
Study Shows that Language-Based AI Models Have Hidden Morals and Values
Just like humans, AI-based large-language models have characteristics such as morals and values. However, these are not always transparent. Researchers of the University of Mannheim and GESIS – Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences have now analyzed how the settings of the language models can be made visible and have examined the consequences these prejudices might have on society.

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