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In the FORUM magazine, the University of Mannheim shows examples of what Mannheim scientists are researching, presents study programs and portrays employees and graduates. FORUM offers space for unusual perspectives and is intended to intensify the exchange between the university, students, graduates, companies, and social actors.

The alumni organization ABSOLVENTUM MANNHEIM is a co-publisher of FORUM. The magazine is designed by the Heidelberg-based design and advertising agency uc graphic.

Copyright by the University of Mannheim. All rights reserved. Reprints—also in extracts—only with the permission of the editors.

Current edition: Smart new world?

The year is 2023, and the world is on a digital journey. The University of Mannheim, too, has long been working to meet the challenges the future holds for its teaching, research, and administrative operations. This issue illustrates what this shiny new world looks like at the university and how researchers in Mannheim are shaping it.

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