Foto: Theda Ideker
Dr. Harald Maurer Prof. Dr. Karl-Ulrich Mayer Prof. Dr. em. Alfred Storck Andreas Burger Martina Benecke Anonymer Spender Dr. John Feldmann Dr. Jürgen Schneider Joachim Lutz Jürgen Bertsch Trifels Verlag GmbH

Christmas Lights

In Advent you had the opportunity to join the University of Mannheim Foundation in making Schloss Mannheim shine. Every donation over 250 euros made the virtual palace more beautiful and festive because depending on the category you made a contribution in, the windows and doors of the palace as well as the stars in the image were lit up. When you hover your mouse over the illuminated element in the virtual image of the palace or tap it with your finger on touch devices, pop-ups with the names of the donors will appear.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in our “Christmas lights” campaign and joined the University of Mannheim Foundation in investing in pioneering research projects, bright minds and a working environment that makes high-quality research possible.

  • All donors

    The donors are listed in alphabetical order.

    • Alexander Abt
    • Dr. Günter Arheit
    • Sieglinde and Michael Baumann
    • Martina Benecke and Jürgen Bertsch
    • Prof. Dr. Christine Bierbach
    • Gudrun and Joachim Blei
    • Andreas Burger
    • Wolfgang Feigenbutz
    • Dr. John Feldmann
    • Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. Max Kaase
    • Ulrich Künzler
    • Helmut Ley
    • Joachim Lutz
    • Dr. Harald Maurer
    • Prof. Dr. Karl-Ulrich Mayer
    • Petra Mönich
    • Ingelore and Dieter Rabe
    • Prof. Dr. Reinhard Rupp
    • Prof. Dr. Jörg Schmidt
    • Dr. Jürgen M. Schneider
    • Bernd Stoeckel
    • Prof. Dr. em. Alfred Storck
    • Trifels Verlag GmbH
    • Traudel and Francesco Troncone
    • Ulrike Weber
    • Markus Wiedemann

    We also thank everyone who wants to remain anonymous.