Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Freitag

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Freitag

University of Mannheim
Theoretical Philosophy / Philosophy of Language
Visitors’ ad.: L 9, 5, R. 004, 68161 MA
Postal address: Schloss, 68131 Mannheim
Tel. +49 (0)621/181-2175

Research focus

My research interests span wide areas of theoretical philosophy, focusing on epistemology, the philosophy of language and mind, logic, and metaphysics. In recent years, I have worked on various topics in the theory of knowledge, in confirmation theory, and in the philosophy of language.

Project-related publications

An expressivist solution to Moorean paradoxes”, with Nadja-Mira Yolcu, Synthese, Online: January 2021,

"An expressivist interpretation of Kant's 'I think',” with Katharina Kraus, Noûs, Online: September 2020,

"Sollen und Wollen,” Deutsche Zeitschrift für Philosophie 66, 2018, 626–649. 

Wittgenstein on ‘I believe’.” Grazer Philosophische Studien 95(1), 2018, 54-69.

Frege über ‘leider’ and ‘gottlob’.” In: Reichardt, B.; Samans, A. (eds.). Freges Philosophie nach Frege, 2014, pp. 161-174. Münster: Mentis.

Other selected publications

[2019] “Statistics and suspension” mit Alexandra Zinke, Philosophical Studies, Online: Oktober 2019. 

[2019] "Why Doxastic Dependence Defeats Grue,” The Philosophical Quarterly 69, 156-165.

[2017] “Norm und Sanktion,” Deutsche Zeitschrift für Philosophie 65, 436–55.

[2016] “The Disjunctive Riddle and the Grue Paradox,” Dialectica 70, 185–200.

[2015a] “I bet you’ll solve Goodman’s Riddle,” Philosophical Quarterly 65 (259), 254–67.

[2015b] “Wirklichkeit, Wissen, Wissenschaft. Ein Plädoyer für den kritischen Realismus,” in: Franziska C. Eickhoff (ed.): Wissen. Epistemologische Überlegungen aus verschiedenen Disziplinen, Freiburg: Rombach Verlag, pp. 9–25. (Chinese translation published in Tsinghua Studies of Western Philosophy, Vol. II.)

[2014] “Sensitivity, Safety, and ‘Distant’ Epistemic Luck,” Theoria 80, 44–61.

[2013] I Know. Modal Epistemology and Scepticism, Münster: Mentis.

[2009] Form and Philosophy. A Topology of Possibility and Representation, Heidelberg: Synchron.