Electrified Coach (ELCH)

Researchers from MISES are collaborating with Daimler Buses and other partners to develop a concept for zero-emission coaches powered by all-electric drive systems.

Meanwhile, city buses with fully electric drives have become a familiar sight on the streets of many German and European cities. The situation is different for electrically powered coaches, however. Their development is much more difficult, as there are numerous hurdles to overcome before they can be used in the field. Convincing concepts have been lacking up to now. Daimler Buses has now set itself the goal of offering fully electrically powered coaches as of the end of this decade.

The task of MISES researchers is to conduct a profitability analysis from the operator's point of view and thus to provide an important contribution to the concept definition process. This is intended to ensure the marketability of coaches with battery electric powertrains already in the development phase. Read more


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