Das Mannheimer Barockschloss und der Ehrenhof unter blauem Himmel.

The University of Mannheim Brand

The corporate identity of the University of Mannheim is built on five main pillars: the university logo, the university seal and signet, the university colors, the university fonts, and finally our corporate language and visual language.

The following pages briefly describe how these elements developed, and provide basic information about how and where to use them. In addition, you can find the logo and seal available for download. For more details on how to use our design elements, please see the section Using the Corporate Design.

Please note that web pages containing downloads can only be accessed within the university network. This applies, for instance, to the seal and logos of the university.

Central University Logos

Find the university logo as well as the logos of the schools and other central university institutions here.

The University Seal

Download the seal of the University of Mannheim here.


Find out more about our primary color, our accent colors, as well as the colors used for the individual schools.

Typography and Fonts

Find out more about which fonts to use for official and internal purposes.

Corporate Language and Visual Language

Our guidelines for visual and corporate language help you to select and produce images and texts that are in alignment with our corporate identity.