Das Mannheimer Barockschloss und der Ehrenhof unter blauem Himmel.

Corporate Language and Visual Language

You can read a German version of our corporate language manual online. It contains detailed information about our corporate language as well as useful tips on how to write a good text.

Common corporate language as part of an international campus
A consistent use of English terminology both in internal and external communication helps international employees and students to find their way around university and to better understand its organizational setup.

To ensure that English terms are used as consistently as possible, the university has compiled an online dictionary comprising numerous specific terms used at the University of Mannheim. You can access the online dictionary here: www.uni-mannheim.de/woerterbuch. You can also find tips on how to translate frequently used terms in our editorial guide. Please note that these pages are currently only available in German.

The corporate language of the university is continuously revised and adapted.

Visual language and use of photos
Visual language makes an important contribution to presenting your website or print publication as part of the University of Mannheim brand. For this reason, we have established binding guidelines for the production and selection of images. These guidelines provide important information, for instance about image tonality, style and rights.

For more information and advice on visual language (in German), click here.