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Right to Use the Logo

Use of the logo by employees of the university
The University of Mannheim reserves the right to use the logo and seal. They may therefore only be used in clearly defined fields of application.

The logo must be used in official work correspondence. This does not apply to personal letters, even if they are written in a university-related context.

Posters, flyers and presentations which are created in the scope of employees' official tasks (e.g. for conferences or congresses) and represent the employees of the University of Mannheim and/or show research findings must be designed in line with the corporate design.

The logo must be used for publications which are created and/or published in the context of employees' offical tasks or on commission.

This regulation for using the logo applies to

  • non-academic staff members of the administration, the schools, the central university institutions and other institutions as well as
  • all members of the university as defined in section 44 subsection 1 and subsection 2 (1) to (4) of the Act on Higher Education of the Land of Baden-Württemberg (LHG), i.e. university teachers (professors, junior professors and other teaching staff), academic staff members, adjunct senior lecturers (Privatdozierende), distinguished retired professors, visiting professors, and adjunct lecturers.

Use of the logo by doctoral students of the university
The logo may be used for presentations which are shown, for example, at conferences or symposia.

It is permitted to use the university logo for doctoral dissertations.

Use of the logo by students of the university
Students are not permitted to use the university logo. This includes final theses. Exceptions to this regulation are possible only if the student represents the university externally. For this purpose, the student needs to seek prior approval from the Communications and Marketing departments.

Use of the logo by cooperation partners
Any non-university members wishing to use the logo need to seek prior approval. The logo may only be used by the Service and Marketing GmbH for commercial purposes. Using the logo may be permitted in exceptional cases, for example if the University of Mannheim has an official research cooperation with an external partner which is laid down in a contract. Such cooperation agreements must include a clause stating that the University of Mannheim reserves the right to revoke the authorization to use the logo at any time.

Using several logos
In exceptional cases, it is possible to combine the university logo with logos of external partners. These logos may be placed in the upper right corner of print and  digital media in addition to the university logo. Logos of external partners may be used, for example, in exhibition advertisements if the position of the university logo remains untouched.

Logos of the University Library, the University IT and the Institute of Sports may be placed in the upper right corner of print and digital media in addition to the university logo, or stand alone. In case the logos stand alone, they must be placed in the upper left corner instead of the university logo.


Mirko Müller

Mirko Müller

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