E701 Advanced Microeconomics I

The course is aimed at doctoral students in all fields of business administration. It provides an introduction to microeconomic theory on a graduate level, highlighting aspects which are of specific relevance for business research.

The main topics covered include:

  1. Theory of consumer choice under certainty and uncertainty
  2. Theory of the firm, production cost and supply
  3. Markets, equilibrium, welfare
  4. Strategic behavior under complete and incomplete information
  5. Incentives and asymmetric information

The objective of the course is to enable doctoral students in business to read and discuss economic theory and to equip them with the tools to formulate their own research based on theoretically grounded hypotheses.

Learning outcomes: Understanding and critically evaluating the fundamental concepts of microeconomic theory, game theory and mechanism design; learning the relevant tools and underlying assumptions for economic analysis in ongoing research.

Form of assessment:  Midterm and final exams: 80–100%, Exercises: Up to 20%

Credits: 8 ECTS