Photo credit: Ye Fung Tchen / Gestaltung: ucgraphic

Schlossfest of the University of Mannheim on September 7

Students, employees, partners, friends of the university and citizens of Mannheim are invited to join.

For the 16th time, the University of Mannheim hosts this beautiful event full of music, arts, comedy and science. The cultural program begins at 6 p.m. when the President of the University of Mannheim, Thomas Puhl, and the mayor of Mannheim, Peter Kurz, open the event by welcoming this year’s freshmen. The science program begins at 3 p.m., the Student Information Day begins at 4 p.m. The evening is concluded with two legendary parties at the Schneckenhof and the Kleiner Innenhof where visitors can dance and have fun until 3 a.m. Admission to the Schlossfest is free. Only the guided tour of the Schlosskirche, the rooftop terrace and the parties require a small admission fee.

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Please note: Photos and videos will be taken during the Schlossfest. They will be used for documentation purposes and for subsequent publications to report on the event (e.g., print media, website, videos, photo galleries, social networks: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIN). By entering the premises, you consent to the use of any photos taken of you during the event for the stated purposes and without being remunerated for it.