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17th Mannheim Schlossfest on September 12, 2020

Traditionally, the University begins the fall semester with a big festival. At the beginning of September, everyone is invited to the Schlossfest: Freshmen and their parents, students, employees of the University, partners and friends as well as citizens of the city of Mannheim and the region. On this day, the University opens its doors and presents the schools' current research activities. In addition, a most varied program of music, art, and culture provides entertainment on numerous stages throughout the palace grounds. We would be delighted if you join us!

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Looking Back at the Schlossfest 2019 of the University of Mannheim

For the 16th time, the University organized a great festival with a most diverse arts, music, comedy, and science program at the beginning of the semester. After the President of the University of Mannheim, Prof. Dr. Thomas Puhl, had welcomed the new freshmen, the cultural program began on various stages. Only on the main stage, the program had to be interrupted for a short time due to the onset of a thunderstorm. After the rain had cleared, however, the drummers from the “Trommelpalast Tropamin” quickly put the audience into good humor. Although the weather remained unstable, about 9500 visitors found their way to the festival grounds and enjoyed the fireworks as well as the musical and artistic highlights.

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The Idea

“Welcome to the University of Mannheim and to the Mannheim Schlossfest,” will be the official words of welcome when the President of the University, Prof. Dr. Thomas Puhl, and the Mayor of the city of Mannheim, Dr. Peter Kurz, officially welcome the freshmen in September.

The Schlossfest is intended to enable new students to introduce “their” University to their families and friends right at the beginning of their studies. However, the Schlossfest is much more than just a festival for students and university staff. The free cultural program is open to friends and partners of the University as well as to all interested citizens. You are all cordially invited to celebrate and exchange ideas with us in a festive atmosphere.