Photo credit: Staatliche Schlösser und Gärten Baden-Württemberg

Safety on Campus

On the whole, the university campus is a safe environment. Nevertheless, unforeseen events can always occur in public spaces.

In cases of emergency

In cases of emergency, please call the police immediately by dialing: 110

For the fire department and/or ambulance call: 112

Emergency number within the university: 1110 (Reception Desk)

Medical emergencies

The page Medical Emergencies provides information on who to call in cases of sudden medical conditions. 

Reporting technical malfunctions and safety risks

Please report any technical malfunctions, for example broken lights on campus, to the Reception Desk in the Schloss, main entrance of the university (call: +49 621 181-1110), or to Division III of the University of Mannheim by using this online form (in German). 

You can use the same online form to report any unlit walkways, missing lights or any places on campus where you do not feel comfortable to Division III of the University of Mannheim.

In case you notice broken street lights outside of campus, please refer to the telephone service of MVV Energie, which is free of charge: +49 800 290-1000.

Further information on safety at work and contact persons in case of problems or difficult situations