Das Mannheimer Barockschloss und der Ehrenhof bei blauem Himmel.


Early career researchers

The MCCR will actively support young researchers. We believe that any kind of personnel development works best when people feel accepted, trusted, and supported in their academic growth. Any serious approach to this conviction necessarily means developing a strategy for how the MCCR can create a working environment that contributes to the scientific and personal growth of early career doctoral and postdoctoral researchers. Doctoral and postdoctoral researchers will be directly involved in the research processes at the MCCR, either through independent research or through collaboration with senior researchers. As such, early career researchers will be an integral part of all MCCR projects.

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Gender equality and diversity

The MCCR strives to be a promoter of established as well as innovative measures to pursue the goal of gender equality and diversity. The MCCR shares the values of the University of Mannheim regarding social diversity and equal opportunities. Social diversity and equal opportunities are seen as prerequisites for a modern, forward-looking, internationally active and dynamic university, where excellent scientific research and education take place. Over the last decade, the university has heavily invested in fostering equal opportunities on every structural level and all career stages. Gender equality and diversity are strategic goals deeply rooted in the university’s mission statement as well as its culture and has been institutionalized by the foundation of the Department of Equal Opportunity and Social Diversity in 2011, which reports directly to the Vice President for Strategic Planning, Internationalization and Equal Opportunity and the university’s executive board.

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