Das Mannheimer Barockschloss und der Ehrenhof.


Project Areas

Area A – Data and Methods
  • A01: Evidence from Multiple Data Sources for Crisis Research: Methodology and Uncertainties
  • A02: Text as Data
  • A03: Causal Methods for Crisis Preparedness and Impacts of Crises and Policies
  • A04: Mobile Sensor Data
Area B – Individuals, Families, and Households
  • B01: Family Response, Well-Being and Health in Times of Crisis
  • B02: Cognitive Executive Functions as Individual and Social Group Resilience Resources
  • B03: The Potential of Activity Recognition and Support Technology for Behavior Change Towards Resilience
  • B04: Perceptions of Crisis and their Role for Household Financial Decision Making, Well-being and Policy Effectiveness
  • B05: Resilience of Innovation: The Case of Digital-based Work from Home
  • B06: Psychosocial Resilience in Conflict- and Climate-Change Affected Societies
Area C – Citizens, Media, and Politicians
  • C01: Resilient Public Discourse in Shifting Media Environments
  • C02: Fear and Violent Right-Wing Extremism in Times of Crisis
  • C03: Insecurity and the Rise of the Strongmen: Do Crises Re-Shape Voters’ Preferences for Politicians’ Personality Traits?
  • C04: Democratic Resilience? How Citizens Adapt to and Learn from Multiple Crises
  • C05: Capture of Crises as Political Opportunity
Area D – Public Policies and Institutions
  • D01: Economic Assessment and Design of Climate Policy Instruments
  • D02: Policy Support for Distributed and Decarbonized Energy Solutions
  • D03: Information Economics of Resilience and Crisis Management
  • D04: European Welfare States Dealing with Employment Crises: Comparing Variations in Absorptive, Adaptive and Anticipatory Resilience
  • D05: Fiscal Resilience in the European Union

To achieve our goals, intensive communication and close collaboration between researchers from different projects and disciplines are necessary. To foster a vibrant research environment, we will implement innovative measures for multidisciplinary communication and collaboration.