Submitting grades as a proxy for an examiner

1 Select role and menu

Your way to submit grades to the system depends on your role in Portal².

Entering grades as a proxy for an examiner:

Go to Teaching and click on My courses and examinations. Then go to the tab Examinations/Proxy. A list of all examinations which you can access is displayed. Select the semester from the drop down menu Semester.

Submitting grades as a department admin as a proxy for a teacher.

Go to Teaching and click on My exams (proxy). A list of all examinations which you can access is displayed. Select the semester from the drop down menu Semester.

2 Submitting grades in EXA

You can submit grades via the Submit grades option on the page or you can import data from an Excel sheet.

2.1 Submitting grades directly

There are two options for submitting grades. 
We highly recommend the second option!

  1. Select Academic Records  and go to Grading. Here you can select the period for which you would like to view your examinations. Click on the plus sign to view all examinations that you are assigned to as an examiner. Click on the pencil symbol under Actions to open the window for entering the grades. Our recommendation: This view does not only display examinations but also courses that you are assigned to. Please make sure to enter the grades for the exams not for the courses. Otherwise you will get an error message that submitting grades is not possible.
  2. In order to prevent any mistakes due to ambiguity, we recommend entering grades via My courses and examinations/My exams (proxy).

Go to the tab Examinations. Here your examinations are listed. Select the semester from the drop down menu Semester.

Go to the respective examination and click on the grad submission symbol in the column Actions.

In case the examination took place in several lecture halls, there are several lists for entering grades.

Grade submission

Enter the grades of the students in the column Grades

  • Enter only valid grades
  • Enter NE for students who did not show up for the examination.
  • Enter TA for students who attempted to cheat.  
  • Enter KS for students whose grading is not yet finished.
    PLEASE NOTE: Please remember that the comment “KS” is only to be submitted as an exception. The actual grading is to be completed as soon as possible.
  • Please do not enter the comment PAPA stands for mandatory registration and is a comment that is only to be submitted by the advisor at Student Services.

Please list the students who are not on the participant list or who have quit the examination on a separate sheet.

The following grades may be given:

1,0 | 1,3 | 1,7 | 2,0 | 2,3 | 2,7 | 3,0 | 3,3 | 3,7 | 4,0 |5,0 | NE | TA | KS

In case of ungraded examinations, please enter a plus sign + for ‘passed’ and a minus sign - for ‘not passed’.

Details on acceptable grading options can be viewed by clicking the magnifying glass symbol in the yellow row above.

After entering grades, save them by clicking Save.

The grades are not yet published when they are saved. Students cannot yet see them.

Please go to 3 to read how to complete the grade submission process.

2.2 Grade submission in Excel via export/import

The Excel export option allows you download an Excel sheet listing all students registered for an examination and enter the grades in this sheet. This grade sheet can then be imported to EXA-P.

This feature is particularly convenient for submitting many grades.

Exporting the Excel sheet

In order to export the data of an examination, click the button Excel export. The button is located at the bottom of the list.

After clicking Excel export, the download manager of your browser opens and you can save the Excel sheet.

You can now enter the grades in the column Leistung. Please mind the acceptable grades (see 4.1)

Please note: Do not change the Excel sheet apart from entering grades. The Excel file can longer be imported if it is modified.

The comment endHISsheet must be placed under the final student ID number. In no case the comment endHISsheet may be placed before the final student ID number as this would result in an incomplete import of data.

Importing and saving

Click on Upload and select the respective file. Then click on import file. Data from the Excel sheet is being imported to EXA-P.

In order to save the grades, click on Save.

Please go to 3 to read how to complete the grade submission process.

3 Completing grade submission and publishing grades

When you have entered grades for all students, save and then click on Complete submission. This button is only active when all students have had a grade entered under Assessment. The process of entering the grades is now complete.

In case you wish to submit grades for only part of the examinees, click on Selective grade submission. Now select all examinees that you wish to submit grades for. You can also select all examinees on this page. Please note: There may be several pages of participants.

Please make sure that under Submission status in the dropdown Submit grades is selected and click on Apply under Actions.Save again. Now the grade submission process is complete.

Completion is possible even before you have entered all of the grades. Recommendation: However, we recommend you only complete the submission after having entered all the grades. Premature submission should remain an exception. For example, in the instance that a grade for a single student cannot be determined for the foreseeable future it would not be acceptable for the other students having to wait for their exam results.

Please note: As soon as you complete grade submission, the overall grade average of students who took the exam is recalculated.

Please print the grades after publishing them. Go to Teilnehmerliste Prüfung, print a list and send a signed copy to Student Services.

Changing grades after publishing them

In case you wish to change a grade after it has been published, please let your Student Services advisor know.  At this point only the colleagues at Student Services can change the grades.

Please note: Due to the launch of the new EXA-P system you can no longer make changes to examinations that took place before the spring semester of 2023. In case you wish to make any changes to earlier examinations, please contact your advisor at Student Services.

4 Exam registration subject to conditions

In case a student is registered for an examination but their registration is subject to certain conditions (status is ZUV not ZU), grades cannot be entered. Please contact your advisor at Student Services.

5 Accessing grades after submission

In case you wish to see grades that have been submitted again, you can go to My courses and examinations or My examinations (proxy) and select the buttons Grades for the respective examination.