Zoom Video Tutorials

Zoom for courses?

In this series of video tutorials, we show you how you can use Zoom for courses at the University of Mannheim.

Part 1: Preparations in Portal²

How do I book a virtual room in Portal²? Where do I find the link to the room? How can I start the video conference? The first part of our video instructions provides answers to these questions.

Part 2: Technical handling of the basic functions in Zoom

In the second part of the Zoom tutorial, we are going to show you the basic functions you will need during a Zoom event. We explain how you can activate your microphone and camera, set a background and see the list of participants. We also show you how you can change your display name, invite other participants and how you can interact by using icons or the chat function.

Part 3: Technical handling of the host functions in Zoom

In the third part, we show you additional functions which are important if you are the host of the meeting. We explain how you can claim the host, block a meeting or set up a waiting room. We also show you how to host an interactive class and what you should observe if you want to share your screen or record a meeting.

Videos with application scenarios for online lectures and meetings can be found in ILIAS in the course " Digitalization in Teaching”.

Live Zoom-Support

Our live Zoom support is available on workdays from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m.: The best and the fastest way to contact the support team is calling the hotline -2000 (if you are not on campus: +49 621 181-2000). You can also write an e-mail to itsupportmail-uni-mannheim.de – please note that this way, re-ceiving an answer takes longer compared to calling the hotline.