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ILIAS is the e-learning platform of the University of Mannheim. It gives you access to course documents such as lecture scripts, videos, PowerPoint slides, and helpful literature. In addition, it serves as a platform to contact and connect with teachers and other students. ILIAS is also often used to provide students with additional learning support in the form of forums, wikis, tests, or digital learning modules.

How can I use ILIAS?

You can access ILIAS by logging in via the website of the University of Mannheim. You simply need:

  • your Uni-ID (user ID) and
  • the password for your Uni-ID

Log into ILIAS

Good to know

Once you have been admitted to a course in Portal², you will automatically receive access to the corresponding course in ILIAS. Thanks to this direct link, you can easily navigate between the systems, switching from a Portal² course to the related ILIAS course, and vice versa. To make it even easier for you, the two courses are identically named.

In addition, you can look for ILIAS course groups by using the search function, and join them either directly or upon request. With Etherpad (comparable to Google Docs), ILIAS makes it possible for you and others to simultaneously work on text documents.


Find all instructions you need for ILIAS in the documentation section of Portal² (login required):

ILIAS instructions 

For an overview of all instructions available, for instance on how to connect to the university network from all around the globe via VPN, please visit the instructions pages.

Requirements, technical details and availability

  • Requirements of use

    Legal requirements

    • ILIAS may only be used for academic and teaching purposes.
    • Users are personally responsible for the content they create. Please be aware of possible licensing agreements (e.g. with publishing houses) and make sure to observe copyright.
    • To protect your data and your privacy, we use secure end-to-end encryption.

    Technical requirements    

    • Internet browser with latest update and stable internet connection
    • All common operating systems are supported.
    • You need your Uni-ID (user ID) and password for authentication.
  • Technical details

    • Based on a current version of the e-learning software ILIAS
    • Reliability by mirroring server and storage system at different sites
    • Role-based rights management. You will automatically be granted the rights you require depending on your role (e.g. student or teacher).
    • Regular data backups
    • Web-based access via browser from all common mobile devices
    • Security through user ID authentication and encrypted data transmission via HTTPS
  • Service availability

    We guarantee a 99.9 percent service availability. However, we cannot exclude downtime in individual cases.
    Should this be the case, please contact our support team via e-mail ( or telephone (+49 621 181-2000). We will help you as quickly as possible.

Did you know?

Portal² is the platform used to digitally organize your studies at the University of Mannheim, from signing up for courses and registering for exams to viewing your grades online.

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