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The University of Mannheim offers excellent development opportunities for founders of all study disciplines. A substantial interdisciplinary teaching offering imparts theoretical knowledge and puts great emphasis on practice. Course offerings in English invite international and German students to develop their entrepreneurial spirit and test business models in their coursework. In addition, important theoretical foundations and tools are developed. Extracurricular events and student initiatives round off the offer and invite you to exchange ideas and network. Our unique accelerator teaching formats at the Mannheim Center for Entreprenerurship and Innovation (MCEI) also offer students the opportunity to pursue their own business in their studies and to develop their startup to the next level with targeted coaching.

The principle of serendipidy has high significance in the context of our offerings in entrepreneurship. Therefore, the responsible institutions offer numerous opportunities for inspiration, for the exchange of ideas, and for idea validation. Founders apply their theoretical knowledge quickly and receive immediate feedback. Extracurricular events are usually open to public and highly embrace the interconnectedness with the Startup Ecosystem of the Metropolitan Region Rhine-Neckar and beyond. 

Startups at the University of Mannheim become part of the thriving Startup Ecosystem of the Metropolitan Region Rhine-Neckar. They can benefit from numerous support opportunities by the university but also by the city of Mannheim and the surrounding region. The strong network with partners and alumni in the startup scene makes an intergenerational “pay it forward” mentality possible. It is the cornerstone of the startup offerings at the University of Mannheim and gives students access to the German and international startup scene.

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Study and Startup

Studying and founding at the same time? Join us!

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You can find all information here on how to get involved. 

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How we support your startup. Also externally. 

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Technology Transfer

How we put academia into practice.