Requests in Exceptional Circumstances

In special cases, such as the extension of deadlines, you can submit a free-form request to the office of the Central Examination Committee. Generally, requests must be submitted in writing (or electronically if applicable) and without delay. Your concern, e.g. the extension of a deadline, and the reasons why your request should be granted must be explained in your own words. Preprinted request forms are only available for the following cases: Recognition, recognition of credits obtained abroad, initial review. 

Check list for your request

  • Form of the request

    The free-form request must include the following details:

    • Personal details: Last name, first name, degree program, student ID number, full address
    • Sign and date the request. Without your signature, the request is considered not submitted.
  • Content

    Formulate your concern clearly and comprehensibly. Explain your subject of request (e.g. extension of a deadline, reprimand, retroactive de-registration in case of absence) and set out the reasons and circumstances.

  • Documentation

    All necessary proofs must be the original or a notarized copy. 

    • Provide proof for all of the reasons brought forward (e.g. illness, care, lack of language proficiency). Please attach the relevant proofs in the original or as a notarized copy to your request (e.g. death certificates, confirmation from the long-term care insurance provider, certificates from a medical specialist or similar).
    • In case of illness, you are required to attach a detailed medical certificate. The attending physicians shall describe the medical findings (symptoms) they have identified and explain how these limit your ability to perform your job. On the basis of this diagnosis, the examination committee decides whether or not you are able to take the examination. It is also essential to provide information on the duration and extent of the illness as well as the date the illness was diagnosed by the physician . In addition, the medical certificate shall contain the official stamp of the institution/doctor’s office (including the registration number of the doctor’s office or BSN). Regular medical certificates (“Arbeitsunfähigkeitsbescheinigungen”) are not sufficient according to case-law.
  • Submission to the ZPA: via mail / consultation hour / by using the mailboxes

    Preferably via e-mail (scan/picture) to the contact mentioned below

    Postal address

    Universität Mannheim
    Geschäftsstelle des Zentralen Prüfungsausschusses
    68131 Mannheim

    Mailbox drop-off at the entrance of L 9, 7 in 68131 Mannheim

    Submission during our consultation hours
    In order to submit your request, you can also request an appointment via e-mail. During the conversation, questions can also be clarified and it can be checked whether you have handed in all relevant documents. In addition, we can make copies of the originals, so that you can keep the latter.

Submit your requests immediately! 

Requests must be submitted immediately. According to section 121 of the German Civil Code (BGB), immediately means “without undue delay”.

Deadline for requesting an extension of the preparation period of a final thesis
The present deadline is valid as long as an official notification of the examination committee does not specify a different deadline. Those who fail to meet the present deadline without a statement from the ZPA act at their own risk and cannot rely on a timely submitted request afterwards, in case their request is rejected.

Disadvantage compensation
You can submit requests for disadvantage compensation referring to the extension of a deadline of the orientation phase or the maximum duration of studies to the office of the Central Examination Committee. Disabled students and students with a chronic illness shall submit their request for disadvantage compensation referring to the form and duration of examination to the commissioner and counselor for disabled students and students with chronic illnesses.


Eva-Maria Hartmann

Eva-Maria Hartmann

Advisor for B.Sc./M.Sc. Psychologie | Lehramt
University of Mannheim
Office of the Central Examination Committee
L 9, 7 – Room 313
68161 Mannheim
Consultation hour(s):
please contact me via e-mail
Madeline Dahl

Madeline Dahl

Advisor for M.A. programs at the School of Humanities | BAföG and KfW certificates (for all programs supervised by the ZPA)
University of Mannheim
Office of the Central Examination Committee
L 9, 7 – Room 311
68161 Mannheim
Consultation hour(s):
please contact me via e-mail
Office hours:
only Monday, Thursday PM