Dr. Helge Rückert

Dr. Helge Rückert

University of Mannheim
Theoretical Philosophy / Philosophy of Language
Visitors’ ad.: L 9, 5, R. 111, 68161 MA
Postal address: Schloss, 68131 Mannheim
Tel. +49 621 181 – 2187

Research focus

My research focuses mainly on formal and philosophical logic and analytic metaphysics. I also have research interests in philosophy of language, epistemology and philosophy of science as well as the history of analytic philosophy (esp. Frege, Wittgenstein, Vienna Circle). Within the research project I focus on Wittgenstein's psychological expressivism. 

Selected Publications

  • Books

    • Shaw, W. / Rückert, H. / Rühle, R. / Tuider, J.: Studien­buch Wirtschafts- und Unternehmens­ethik (german translation of the textbook Business Ethics by William H. Shaw, ca. 500 pages; unter contract with Springer) [in preparation]
    • Rückert, H.: Dialogues as a Dynamic Framework for Logic, College Publications, 2011, 223 pages
  • Papers

    • Wehmeier, K. / Rückert, H.: ‘Still in the Mood: The Versatility of Subjunctive Markers in Modal Logic’, Topoi, 38(2), 2019, 361–377
    • Marion, M. / Rückert, H.: 'Aristotle on Universal Quantification. A Game-theoretical Perspective', History and Philosophy of Logic, Volume 37, 2016, Issue 3, 201–229
    • Fiutek, V. / Rückert, H. / Rahman, S.: 'A Dialogical Semantics for Bonanno's System of Belief Revision', in: Bour, P. et al. (ed.):Construction, College Publications, 2010, 315–334
    • Rückert, H.: 'Sundholm's Paradox of Knowability: a Novel Paradox?', in: Primiero, G. / Rahman, S. (ed.): Acts of Knowledge: History, Philosophy and Logic. Essays Dedicated to Göran Sundholm, College Publications, 2009, 289–300
    • Rückert, H.: 'A Solution to Fitch's Paradox of Knowability', in: Rahman, S. / Symons, J. / Gabbay, D. / Van Bendegem, J.P. (ed.): Logic, Epistemology and the Unity of Science, LEUS 1, Kluwer 2004, 351–380
    • Rückert, H.: 'Logiques Dialogiques 'Multivalentes'', Philosophia Scientiae 8 (2), 2004, 59–87
    • Rückert, H.: 'Why Dialogical Logic?', in: Wansing, H. (ed.): Essays on Non-Classical Logic (Advances in Logic – Vol. 1), World Scientific 2001, 165–185
    • Rahman, S. / Rückert, H.: 'Dialogical Connexive Logic', Synthese, Nr. 127 (1/2) (2001), 105–139
    • Rahman, S. / Rückert, H.: 'Dialogische Modallogik (für T, B, S4 und S5)', Logique et Analyse 167–168 (1999), 243–282
    • Rahman, S. / Rückert, H.: 'Die pragmatischen Sinn- und Geltungs­kriterien der Dialogischen Logik beim Beweis des Adjunktions­satzes', Philosophia Scientiae (3) 3, 1998-99, 145–170
    • Rahman, S. / Rückert, H. / Fischmann, M.: 'On Dialogues and Ontology. The Dialogical Approach to Free Logic', Logique et Analyse 160 (1997), 357–374

A full list of publications can be found on my homepage.