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Open Science

As a collective term, Open Science includes both classical aspects such as Open Access, open data and software as well as concepts with an impact on society such as Third Mission, Citizen Science or Open Innovation. The driving factors of Open Science are transparent and inclusive research practices, open access to scientific findings and the reproducibility of research results.

The University of Mannheim shares these goals and sees them as part of the efforts to advance scientific progress. It has established an Open Science Office supporting its researchers at all career stages and from all disciplines.

Open Science Day 2022 with ReproHack

The Open Science Day 2022 will take place on 10 October 2022 in the afternoon. All members and researchers of the University of Mannheim and beyond are invited to join the series of presentations and participate in the discussions. Please find further information on the program and the registration online. The event is followed by a ReproHack on 11 October, which is a workshop variant where participants attempt to reproduce published research with publicly available associated code and data.

Open Science Office

The Open Science Office fosters and supports Open Science approaches of researchers across all academic disciplines at the University of Mannheim.


Improve the transparency of your research and pre-register your research!


Best Practices

Have a look at some best practice Open Science examples from across the university.

Open Science Grants

Das Open Science Office fördert transparente und reproduzierbare Forschung mit Zuschüssen von bis zu 5.000 Euro.