Project Group B

  Project Title Principal Investigator(s) Researchers  
  B5 Robust methods for the evaluation of policy reforms Prof. Dr. Markus Frölich
Prof. Dr. Christoph Rothe
Nicholas Barton, Ph.D.
Katharina Kreutz
Atika Pasha, Ph.D.
Clémentine Sadania, Ph.D.
Dr. Arne Weiss
  B6 Nonparametric and nonlinear panel data and time series analysis Prof. Dr. Simone Paolo Ponzetto
Prof. Dr. Carsten Trenkler
Dr. Jonas Krampe
Dr. Ines Rehbein
  B7 Attitudes and conflict, longitudinal conflict analysis and randomized control trials (RCTs) in Asia and Africa Prof. Dr. Sabine Carey
Prof. Dr. Markus Frölich
Marcela Ibáñez Dr. Katharina Richert Viviana Urueña Dr. Asmus Zoch-Gordon  
  B10 Empirical analysis of the economics of lobbying in European policy reforms Prof. Dr. Ulrich Wagner Dimitri Szerman, Ph.D.