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CMC-Corpora 2023 Committees

Programme Overview

The conference programme is online on Easychair.

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Important Dates

  • Arrival, Get-together: Wednesday, 13 September 2023
  • Conference: Thursday 14 – Friday 15 September 2023

Accepted Submissions for CMC-Corpora 2023

Information on the accepted submissions for CMC-Corpora 2023 (32 talks and 13 poster presentations) are summarised in the following table:


Submission TitlePresentation Format
Selenia Anastasi, Tim Fischer, Florian Schneider and Chris BiemannIDA – Incel Data Archive: a multimodal comparable corpus for exploring extremist dynamics in online interaction.Talk
Aminat Babayode, Laurens Bosman, Nicole Chan, Katharina Ehret, Ivan Fong, Alissa Hewton, Danica Reid, Maite Taboda, Rebekah Wong and Noelle Harris The structural proporties of podcasts as an emerging register of computer-mediated communicationPoster
Tianyi BaiThe Reply Function in WhatsApp Chat CommunicationTalk
Michael Beißwenger, Eva Gredel, Lena Rebhan and Sarah SteinsiekEllipsis Points in Messaging Interactions and on Wikipedia Talk PagesTalk
Laura BotheThe representation of the ‘Jew’ as enemy in French public Telegram channels within the identitarian-conspiratorial milieuTalk
Steven CoatsA Pipeline for the Large-Scale Acoustic Analysis of Streamed ContentTalk
Louis CotgroveIdentifying new ways to intensify in digitally-mediated communicationTalk
Selcen ErtenExploring register variation in Turkish web corpusTalk
Ana Eugenia SanchoScientific communication on social media: Analysing Twitter for knowledge
Annamaria Fabian and Igor Trost Digital Corpus Linguistic Analysis of the Language of Inclusion, Discrimination and Exclusion of people with disability in social media – in a German corpus of 214.926 Tweets on #disability and #inclusion between 2007–2023Talk
Anne Ferger, Andre Frank Krause and Karola PitschWorkflows and Methods for Creating Structured Corpora of Multimodal Human-Robot-InteractionTalk
Shir Finkelstein and Hadar Netz“Hebrew level: Bibist.”: Online Hebrew language corrections as a tool for “civilized” bashingTalk
Carolina Flinz, Eva Gredel and Laura HerzbergA Corpus study on the negotiation of pronominal address on talk pages of the German, French, and Italian WikipediaTalk
André Frank Krause, Anne Ferger and Karola PitschAnonymization of Persons in Videos of Authentic Social Interaction: Model Selection and Parameter Optimization.Talk
Florian FrenkenA Multivariate Register Perspective on Reddit – Exploring Lexicogrammatical Variation in Online CommunitiesTalk
Prakhar Gupta, Lliana Doudot, Romain Loup and Aris XanthosCollecting and de-identifying half a million WhatsApp messagesTalk
Teemu HeleniusAcquiring, Analyzing, and Understanding Multimodal TikTok Short Video Data Used in Online Sex Worker Visibility ManagementTalk
Francisco Javier Fernández PoloBalancing expert and peer-student identities in online discussion forumsTalk
Sangwan JeonMigrTwit Corpora. Migration Tweets of French Politics.Talk
Elizaveta KibisovaBuilding corpora of Russian fake and genuine news for linguistic analysisPoster
Aenne KnierimTracing Perceptions of Black History by Comparison of Two CorporaPoster
Lothar Lemnitzer and Antonia Hamdi“Also ehrlich” – From adjectival use to interactive discourse markerTalk
Siyuan LiuSemantic Prosody Evolution of the Word „女权[Feminist]" in Chinese Social MediaPoster
Rosa LorésThe recontextualization of expert knowledge: intertextual patterns in digital science disseminationTalk
Harald Lüngen and Laura HerzbergStudying the distribution of reply targets in Wikipedia talk pagesTalk
Bruno Machado Carneiro, Michele Linardi and Julien LonghiStudying Socially UnTalkable Discourse Classification (SUD) through different eyes: „Are we on the same page ?“Talk
Martti MäkinenMMWAH! Compiling a Corpus of Multilingual / Multimodal WhatsApp Discussions by Swedish-speaking Young Adults in FinlandTalk
Marie-Louise Bartsch and Irina MostovaiaEllipsis of the subject pronoun ich (‘I’) in German WhatsApp chats: A usage-based approachPoster
Rachel McCullough, Daniel Drylie, Mindi Barta and Daniel SmithCoDEC-M: the multi-lingual Manosphere subcorpus of the Corpus of Digital Language and ExtremismPoster
Ilia Moshnikov and Eugenia RykovaLittle Big Data: Karelian Twitter CorpusTalk
Katharina Pabst, Aida Alanzi, Johanna Aminoff, Raisa Tayib and Derek DenisZooming in on emerging norms: Preliminary findings from a cross-linguistic investigation of backchannelingPoster
Anastasiia PirohMultimodal Intertextual Practices in Video Film ReviewsTalk
Sebastian Reimann, Lina Rodenhausen, Tatjana Scheffler and Frederik ElwertChrisTof: A Novel Corpus of Christian Online ForumsPoster
Oliver Watteler and Ulrike SchneiderCan I Publish my Social Media Corpus? Legal Considerations for Data PublicationTalk
Hannah Seemann, Sara Shahmohammadi, Tatjana Scheffler and Manfred StedeBuilding a Parallel Discourse-annotated Multimedia CorpusPoster
Sarah Steinsiek Negotiating knowledge in cooperative learning scenarios: a multimodal approach to practices of computer-mediated and face-to-face communication in the university classroomPoster
Laurel StvanCollecting Health Memes for a Subcorpus of Peer Health DiscourseTalk
Ludovic Tanguy, Céline Poudat and Lydia-Mai Ho-DacSpecific behaviours in Wikipedia talk pages: some insights from extreme casesTalk
Ralia Thoma“Don’t be afraid of Greeklish”: Adolescent students’ transliteration practicesTalk
Eva TrieblNot an expert, but not a fan either. A corpus-based study of negative self-identification as epistemic index in web forum interaction.Talk
Reinhild Vandekerckhove, Sarah Bernolet, Astrid De Wit and Tanja MortelmansTowards a more inclusive approach of digital literacy: social media writing at an older ageTalk
Chenghui WuCultural values adapted to individualism & collectivism by Chinese corporations on Twitter: A dictionary-based text analysis in comparing trust-building themes of Chinese and US airlines’ Twitter discoursePoster
Jenia YudytskaLinguistic features, device affordances, and contextual factors: A mixed-methods, two-corpora approachPoster
Yinglei ZangDeontic Authority in Computer-mediated Communication Between University Teachers and Students: A Comparative Study of German and ChinesePoster
Jiayi ZhouPhonetic Metaphor of Chinese Emojis: An Approach of Neologism FormationTalk