ENGAGE.EU Think Tank – Apply Now!

DATE: 26 September to 2 October 2022
LOCATION: University of Mannheim

Are you looking for a platform where you can focus on your research and push your project forward together with fellow researchers? At the ENGAGE.EU Think Tank, you can exchange your ideas with new research groups, get together with long-time colleagues, and learn from leading experts from industry, politics, and academia. This forum allows you to completely focus on a research project – away from everyday business.

ENGAGE.EU is an alliance of leading European universities in business, economics, and the social sciences that aims to provide European citizens with the skill set they need to face the challenges of the future. The ENGAGE.EU Think Tank is the Advanced Study Centre of our European University. It is a forum for intensive interdisciplinary academic exchange where researchers address the critical societal challenges of our time, where boundaries of research and innovation are challenged, where outstanding collaborations become possible, and where original thinking is the norm.

Research on Digitalisation

The research theme in autumn 2022 is:

The Role of Digitalisation for Sustainable Development and its Impact on European Business, Economics and Societies

Preferably, your proposal has the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in mind. For instance, a research project might explore how digitalisation can transform working and living conditions, how digital transformation can support sustainable economic growth, or how digitalisation can help reduce inequality in society.

Detailed information on current open calls and application requirements is available here

Opportunities for participating researchers

At the ENGAGE.EU Think Tank, we seek to attract researchers from various levels of experience and disciplines specializing in the proposed research theme.

Senior ResearcherJunior Researcher

As a visiting senior researcher (more than five years after doctorate) your stay will allow you to concentrate on a research idea while sharing your expertise with a team of researchers exploring similar topics. You will gain deeper insights to current developments regarding digital transformation in politics, industry and society and benefit from research collaborations you may have never thought of before.

As a visiting junior researcher (up to five years after doctorate) your stay will allow you to concentrate on a research idea while cooperating with colleagues in an international and interdisciplinary team, supported by leading senior researchers. You will not only benefit from additional expert input regarding your project, but also expand your list of top publications and your professional network.

If you are interested in joining this thrilling research adventure, we invite you to come to Mannheim from 26 September to 2 October 2022. You are required to stay in Mannheim for this core period, but are free to extend the visit as it fits your project.

During your stay, we provide you with a workspace at the university, access to all research facilities, accommodation, travel expenses from your home institution to and from Mannheim, as well as an extensive academic and cultural programme during the core week. Not only will you learn from leading experts from politics, academia, industry and society in talks, round tables, and workshops. You will also present your work in progress to your fellow researchers and discuss questions regarding your projects. Details of the programme will be finalized once the group composition and the research projects are final to ensure the programme corresponds to your needs and expectations.

Application requirements

  • Your profile

    The ENGAGE.EU research stays are cut out for excellent junior and senior researchers from universities of the ENGAGE.EU alliance, particularly from schools of business, economics, social sciences, law and other related disciplines who 

    • explore digital transformation as a major societal change driver in Europe,
    • are aiming to foster their expertise in their field of research,
    • are interested in an interdisciplinary dialogue, 
    • want to engage in a pioneer project of a pan-European network. 
  • Our expectations

    Researchers are expected to

    • participate in a virtual preparation meeting with fellow participants in summer 2022,
    • actively participate in ENGAGE.EU Think Tank activities, such as regular research
             colloquia, lunch meetings and other group events, 
    • present their research to the ENGAGE.EU audience on a regular basis, 
    • be willing to exchange ideas and interact with relevant stakeholders about the project,
    • be open for collaboration on research publications,
    • stay in Mannheim for the duration of the research visit,
    • participate and present their work in two virtual group meetings in November and December 2022.
  • Application

    Applications for a stay at the ENGAGE.EU Think Tank are open for individual researchers as well as research groups (max. 2–3 people), and are to include 

    • an outline of the intended research project related to the topic noted above
             (max. 4–5 pages), 
    • a CV, including a list of publications (of each group member for group applications), 
    • information regarding the desired duration of the research stay (core week only or extended period).

    ENGAGE.EU seeks to strengthen the role of women and underrepresented groups in research, and thus strongly encourages female scholars and scholars of underrepresented groups to apply. 

  • Selection

    Applications are evaluated by each ENGAGE.EU partner according to the application requirements. Following the preselection of the ENGAGE.EU partners, the Think Tank’s selection committee, composed of academics specializing in multiple disciplines, considers the best-rated applications for research stays.

    Applications are evaluated according to various criteria:

    • innovation
    • contribution to ENGAGE.EU’s mission
    • coherence
    • likelihood of leading to successful publications.

    Final decisions also consider a range of criteria for cohort composition, including but not limited to disciplinary balance, institutional diversity, and demographic diversity.

    Please note that invitations for a research stay are not transferable to later years.

Please submit your complete application electronically (in one PDF file) by 30 April 2022 to Dirk Simons (engage uni-mannheim.de).

Applications received after this date may not be considered. Invitations to participate will be sent out no later than 31 May 2022.

Download the Call for Applications

Future research stays

This very first call for applications is deliberately designed to be very open to give the ENGAGE.EU alliance and participating researchers the opportunity to contribute ideas and help design the ENGAGE.EU Think Tank as an outstanding platform of European research collaborations. Future research stays will take place at various ENGAGE.EU locations and explore different research topics.

Participating researchers have the possibility to be part of the ENGAGE.EU Think Tank network in the long-term, which may include participation as a guest speaker at future events or sharing their expertise with future ENGAGE.EU Think Tank research groups.

Further information on the ENGAGE.EU Think Tank, as well as current open calls is available on our website.


Prof. Dr. Dirk Simons

Prof. Dr. Dirk Simons

ENGAGE.EU Coordinator | Chair of Business Administration and Accounting
University of Mannheim
Schloss Ostflügel – Room O 243
68161 Mannheim
Consultation hour(s):
by appointment