Knowledge Transfer: Engaged in Society

The European University ENGAGE.EU conceives of itself as an interface linking research, innovation, and society. Challenges form the basis for learning that ultimately leads to progress. We enable the interaction and collaboration of researchers, learners, and external stakeholders to create new knowledge and solutions. This inspiring collaboration adds significant value to society.

We invite learners and researchers from all higher education institutions participating in the alliance to join our Labs and Spaces – either in person or virtually – and to contribute their experience and knowledge.


The ENGAGE.EU Labs create a place where students, lifelong learners, researchers, innovators, businesses, citizen initiatives, and political decision-makers can meet and work in cooperation in order to find science-based solutions to real problems.

Innopreneurial Spaces

We promote the international cooperation between business founders and a wide range of other stakeholders such as researchers, social organizations, business collaborations, governments, and NGOs. Through our Innopreneurial Spaces, we foster the development of innovative entrepreneurial ideas that promise to have a sustainable and inclusive impact on society. Central activities are the X-Labs and the Startup League.