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ENGAGE.EU Learners

The ENGAGE.EU offers are open to all students enrolled at the University of Mannheim. Explore a variety of international opportunities.

Information for Students

All students of the nine partner universities can take advantage of ENGAGE.EU's online courses, summer schools, and master's programs.

Joint Certificate Program

The program on “Digital Transformation” offers an additional certificate for master students. Choose from seven online block seminars with a final summer seminar at one of the seven partner universities.

Local Learner Chapter

Get to know Europe and our ENGAGE.EU partner universities in this new interactive semester program.

ENGAGE.EU Expedition Week

The last Expedition Week was held in Sofia on 15 to 20 October 2023 on the topic of “Sustainable Cities”.

Lecture Series Data Science in Action

Researchers will present the diverse application areas of data science every Thursday starting 28 September 2023.

Board of Learners

The Board of Learners is the central student committee of ENGAGE.EU. The Mannheim team introduces itself. It pays to participate!


I would recommend participating in the OEI to all students who are curious and willing to learn new things.

Anais Bentayeb / Participant Online Exchange Initiative / Credit: Katrin Glückler

What I especially like about ENGAGE.EU is exchanging ideas with students across Europe and promoting new projects. I always have a sympathetic ear for your ideas and wishes.

Sandro Mochan / Board of Learners / Photo credit: Katrin Glückler

I am involved in ENGAGE.EU because every day, I witness the positive influence that social involvement has on people. ENGAGE.EU is a cornerstone for a more social, innovative, and connected Europe.

Sydney Greiner / Board of Learners / Photo credit: Jula Jacob

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