Mail Software and Configuration

On our mail server, registered users have their own mailbox. Incoming e-mails are stored in this mailbox until they are read. In order to send and receive messages via the university’s mail server, you need to adjust the following basic settings in your e-mail program (e.g. Outlook):

IMAP Settings for Exchange

We recommend using “Exchange” as account type / protocol. If you want to deviate from this recommendation and connect via IMAP, you can use the following data for setting up the connection:

IMAP (incoming mail server)

Security type/encryptionSSL/TLS
User nameUni-ID
PasswordPassword of your Uni-ID

SMTP (outgoing mail server):
Security type/encryptionSTARTTLS 
“Registration/ authentication
User nameUni-ID
PasswordPassword of your Uni-ID

You can access your mailbox by entering your Uni-ID (user ID) and the corresponding password.