Name Server

The University IT operates the central name servers / DNS servers:

Via IPv4:


Via IPv6:

  • 2001:7c0:2900:60::869b:6033
  • 2001:7c0:2900:60::869b:6034
  • 2001:7c0:2900:60::869b:6035

The tasks of name servers are, inter alia, the resolution of public and private IP addresses into system names, and vice versa, as well as mail routing.

In addition, the tasks of authoritative name servers are the distribution of registered IP addresses, system names and the mail routing for registered e-mail addresses of the domains operated by us.

Besides the domains and the networks 134.155.x.x and 2001:7c0:600::, we are also authoritative name server for the domains of institutions and cooperations of the University of Mannheim.

If required and approved, it is also possible to operate other domains on servers within the university network. The relevant process is described under virtual webserver.

Please refer to BelWü for more information about the domain structure of the university networks in Baden-Württemberg.