Web Hosting Services

We offer two options for publishing a website or a web application. It depends on the individual case, which option is the right fit for you:

  • Due to consistency and resource efficiency reasons, we will realize typical websites without special features in the central content management system TYPO3.
  • For websites with complex features which cannot be implemented in TYPO3 as well as for interactive web applications (for applications developed at the University of Mannheim as well as for applications developed by third parties) we offer the setup of virtual web servers. In this case, you are responsible for installing the required application and for the technical implementation of the program.

Website in the content management system TYPO3

Virtual web server

  • What is a “virtual web server”?

    Virtual web servers are domains such as www.xyz.uni-mannheim.de, xyz.uni-mannheim.de or www.xyz.de which are “hosted” on a central computer by the University IT. The central computer on which the virtual servers run is called: virtualwww.rz.uni-mannheim.de.

  • Who can request a “virtual web browser” and what are the conditions?

    Generally, all institutions of the University of Mannheim can request a virtual web server. It is required that your web project cannot be implemented in the content management system TYPO3. The Marketing department will decide whether or not your request is approved. Please send your request to: onlineredaktionmail-uni-mannheim.de.

  • How can I request a “virtual web server”?

    In order to apply for a virtual web server for your project or your research institution, please send an e-mail to onlineredaktionmail-uni-mannheim.de. The Marketing department will get in touch with you.

    Please let us know if you have a specific domain name in mind and inform us about the databases and additional programs you require (we offer MySQL databases and the standard applications of a Linux SUSE distribution). We do NOT install third-party programs).
    Please note that the domain names usually follow the “xyz.uni-mannheim.de” logic.

  • Virtual web server with a domain which does not contain “uni-mannheim.de”.

    In exceptional cases virtual web servers can be operated with an external web address. This is at the Marketing department’s discretion. If your external domain has been approved, you need to request the external domain you want to use. You can do this via BelWü (= Baden-rttembergs extended LAN) here. Upon request, you can also request .COM- / .NET- / .ORG domains as well as .INFO- / .BIZ domains. In this case, please contact hostmastermail-belwue.de.

    Before you start the registration, please write to webmaster@uni-mannheim.de to request an IP address for your virtual web server. You may need this for registering your domain with BelWü.

    For registering your domain with BelWü, you will need this form. Here you can see a template filled in by us. Please enter your personal data in the relevant fields of the BelWü online form. Please enter the other data as shown in the template. 

    If BelWü has created your domain, please contact the University IT via the form mentioned above and include the external domain data.


After your virtual web server has been approved, a user ID is required. This user ID has to be a so-called Funktionskennung. This means that the ID is not linked to a person but to a function, institution or chair.

Explanation: The ID is created for a natural person, however it is not linked to Jane Doe but, for example, to the chair of XYZ or the ABC initiative.

IMPORTANT: The Funktionskennung is also an e-mail address which the University IT uses to communicate with you. In addition, this address is the web master contact address of your virtual web server. Therefore, you should check the inbox of this e-mail address regularly for new messages!

Virtual web server equipment

Your virtual web server runs on a central server (virtualwww.rz.uni-mannheim.de), together with the virtual web servers of other institutions of the University of Mannheim. Here you will find an overview on the web servers running on virtualwww.rz.uni-mannheim.de. 

On your virtual web server you have the following standard software, in the current version of the individual openSUSE Linux distribution

  • On your virtual web server you have the following standard software, in the current version of the individual openSUSE Linux distribution:
    • Apache web server
    • PHP
    • PERL
    • C
    • MySQL

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