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E-mail and Calendar

As a student of the University of Mannheim, you can benefit from a free e-mail account, private calendar (with share function), personal address book, individual task management tool, and much more. You can synchronize all your data to your mobile devices.

How can I use the student e-mail account and calendar?

Click here to access your e-mail account and your calendar:

Webmail system of the University of Mannheim

To log in, you will need:

  • your Uni-ID (user ID) and
  • the password for your Uni-ID.

What advantages do the student e-mail and calendar offer?

As a student of the University of Mannheim, using our e-mail and calendar service offers you numerous advantages:

  • secure e-mail communication preventing data retrieval and junk mail
  • effective protection against spam mail
  • daily local backup of your e-mail data within the network of the University of Mannheim
  • recovery of data up to two weeks after deletion upon request
  • individual automatic reply function notifying senders of your absence over a predefined period of time
  • personal filter option allowing you to filter your e-mails individually
  • possibility of subscribing to different mailing lists of the University of Mannheim (e.g. mailing lists of individual degree programs or mailing list of the International Office)

You can also synchronize your e-mail account with Outlook or other mailing providers such as Gmail or the mail apps for iOS and Android. In addition, you can change your settings to have incoming e-mails forwarded automatically.

Still have questions?

Do you need help using our student e-mail and calendar? You can find instructions on our different services here.

Instructions on how to receive e-mails on your iPhone or iPad

Instructions on how to delete e-mails in Webmail (Horde)

    Requirements, technical details and availability

  • Requirements of use

    Legal requirements:

    • Users are solely responsible for sharing their address books, calendars and saved data.
    • The University of Mannheim has a license agreement with Open-Xchange.
    • Please observe the terms of use.

    Technical requirements:

    • The e-mail and calendar services are available for all common web browsers and e-mail applications.
    • You need your Uni-ID (user ID) of the University of Mannheim as well as the password for this ID.
  • Technical details

    • IMAP server for students:
    • POP3 server for students:
    • SMTP server:
    • IMAPS/POP3S port (encryption: SSL): 993 (IMAPS) / 995 (POP3S)
    • SMTP port (encryption: TLS / STARTTLS): 587
    • Encryption (PGP) and signature (S/MIME)
    • Further information:
      • E-mail account: your Uni-ID (user ID)
      • Password: password for your Uni-ID
      • When accessing the services from outside the university network: Activate SSL or TLS
  • Service availability

    We guarantee a 99.9 percent service availability. However, we cannot exclude downtime in individual cases.
    Should this be the case, please contact our support team via e-mail or telephone (+49 621 181–2000). We will help you as quickly as possible.

Did you know?

Use your university email-address to benefit from special student discounts for our software services (for instance Office 365 for EUR 3.99).