Personal Zoom Accounts

The University of Mannheim provides staff members with a personal Zoom account.

With the license assigned to you, you can host meetings with up to 300 participants. Just like the Zoom rooms for virtual lectures, the settings have already been configured by the University IT. In addition, you enjoy other benefits such as data processing within the European Economic Area.

For using the personal Zoom license, you need to sign in to Zoom in your browser or in the Zoom client with your Uni-ID (user ID).

Please note!

Please note!

If you sign in, your Uni-ID is disclosed to Zoom. Please observe the relevant information in the Data Protection Policy

The next steps guide you through the login in process and the settings in the Zoom application.

Zoom application login

If you have already installed Zoom, you can continue with the next steps. For information on how to install the Zoom application, please refer to the Instructions.

Step 1: Select “Sign In”.

Step 2: Select “Sign In with SSO”.

Step 3: Enter the company domain “uni-mannheim” and continue.

Step 4: You are forwarded to the login page of the University of Mannheim where you need to enter your Uni-ID.

Step 5: On the next page, you are informed about the processing and disclosure of data. Please agree and confirm so that your account can be created.

Settings in the Zoom application

The default settings of your account comply with the University of Mannheim’s requirements. In addition, you can adjust several settings in accordance with your requirements.

By clicking on the gear symbol, you can open the settings menu to adjust the settings for your profile or for a specific meeting.

Select “profile” from the menu.

Continue by clicking on “Edit My Profile”.

Then your profile on is displayed. Here you can update your profile information, e.g. your name. By default, your Uni-ID is displayed as your name. We recommend to change this.

In this menu, you can also adjust the settings for your own meetings. For more information, please refer directly to the Zoom support.

Website login

To login on the website, go to and select “Sign In with SSO”.

Enter the company domain “uni-mannheim” and continue.

If you have not been logged in to Zoom via SSO before, you are now informed about the processing and disclosure of data.
Please agree and confirm so that your account can be created.

If you have already been logged in via SSO, you get directly to your profile page.