Internet Access

Wireless Access

We provide free wireless access for your mobile devices, such as laptops, tablets and smartphones, on the entire campus of the University of Mannheim. Depending on your authorizations, you also may have access to special network resources provided by university institutions.

University members use the service set identifier (SSID) “eduroam” to connect to the free wireless. To install wireless on your device, please use the eduroam installer.

  • User name: Please enter your user name in the form of and replace “Uni-ID” by your personal Uni-ID.
  • Passwort: corresponding password of your Uni-ID.

Please go to the instructions to read everything you need to know about the wireless installation:


  • Eduroam users of other universities can use the same infrastructure to access the Internet.
  • Students and employees can also access certain university network resources such as online databases of the University Library and the FileService. 
  • Chairs and institutions can request an individual temporary wireless network for events, such as conferences.

Internet at the workplace (LAN access)

For employees and chairs

In order to connect your work computer to the university network without additional authentification, you need to request a personal IP address and to enable the LAN port at your workspace.

Step 1: Request an IP address

To request a personal IP address, you will need:

  • the approval of the head of your department
  • a fixed location and a network connection (LAN port)
  • MAC address of the network card

Please download the form at Please fill in the form and have the head of your department sign it. Please send the completed form via e-mail to

Please note: We reserve the right to block hardware addresses not registered with us in the university backbone.

Step 2: Enable LAN port

Each office has a LAN port to which you can connect your computer. The University IT has to enable the LAN port.

Please check if the LAN port is already enabled by connecting a computer with a functioning network card. If the LED (on the card) lights up, the port is active. If this is not the case, please contact the IT support ( via e-mail and ask them to enable the LAN port. For enabling the port, you need the application that has been signed and approved and the exact name of the LAN port. It is best to take a photo of the LAN port and attach it to the e-mail you are sending to the IT support.

Configuration help

You are an employee at a chair? The IT administrator of your chair will be happy to help you. Employees working in the administration may contact the IT support directly.

Configuration information for IT administrators

All registered addresses are available per DHCP as of the following day.
As a rule, you should automatically retrieve your address via DHCP and not enter the address manually.

IP address fields and network masks/gateways:

A NTP (time) server is available at

Blocked computers

Due to security reasons, we reserve the right to block MAC addresses,

  • which use IP addresses not assigned to them or
  • which attacked the university network (potentially infected by a virus).

If you need to unblock a blocked computer, please call the IT support at -2000. If a computer is blocked, the contact person stored in the databases for this IP address will be notified.