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Wireless Access at the University of Mannheim

We provide free wireless access on the entire campus of the University of Mannheim.This means that you can connect your mobile devices to fast and free  broadband internet everywhere on campus. Furthermore, students have access to special network resources provided by the institutions of the university, such as the online databases of the Mannheim University Library.

Hotspot information

Please turn off individual hotspots on campus. These hotspots diminish the bandwidth on campus and disrupt the entire network.

Another tip for a quick Internet connection on campus:
Turn off the Wireless of your device once you are seated and wait a minute. As soon as you enable the Wireless again, your device will connect to the next Access Point.

How can I connect to the university wireless?

In order to connect to the wireless network, please select the service set identifier (SSID) “eduroam”. To install wireless on your device, please use the eduroam installer.

You will need:

  • User name: Please enter your user name in the form of and replace “Uni-ID” by your personal Uni-ID.
  • the password for your Uni-ID.

eduroam installer

To find step-by-step instructions, please click here:

Wireless instructions

For an overview of all instructions available, for instance on how to connect to the university wireless from all around the globe via VPN, please go to all instructions.

Requirements, technical details and availability

  • Requirements of use

    Legal requirements

    • Please follow the rules of netiquette and the terms of use.
    • The university wireless may only be used for academic and teaching purposes.
    • The university uses wireless encryption in order to secure your privacy and protect your data.

    Technical requirements

    • All common operating systems are supported.
    • Students of the University of Mannheim can also access the WLAN at other universities in the eduroam network using their Uni-ID and the corresponding password.
    • External students must have a valid account at a partner institution of the eduroam network in order to log in with their Uni-ID.
  • Technical details

    • Devices with wireless adapter (802.11a/g/n/ac)
    • IP configuration of the wireless adapter: DHCP
    • The wireless adapter must support WPA2 (+AES) encryption. 
    • Root certificate of Deutsche Telekom (installed on almost all devices by default)
    • The operating system on the device must support 802.1X + PEAP (this applies to all current Windows, Android and iOS versions). 
    • Access profiles (click here
  • Service availability

    The university’s wireless network is available on campus every day from 6 a.m. – 2 a.m.

    We guarantee a 99.9 percent service availability. However, we cannot exclude downtime in individual cases.
    Should this be the case, please contact our support team via e-mail ( or telephone (+49 621 181-2000). We will help you as quickly as possible.

Did you know? VPN service

You would like to log into the university network from home or from the other side of the world? Just use our VPN service:

VPN instructions