Otto Selz Archive

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of our name giver’s death, the Otto Selz Institute for Applied Psychology (OSI) of the University of Mannheim provides the public with access to significant collections from the estate of this Mannheim researcher and teacher. For information about the project and the presentation of the documents from the estate of Otto Selz on the Internet, please visit the website of the Mannheim University Library.

Preserving the legacy of Otto Selz is particularly important to us. Further information about the life and work of Otto Selz is available upon request.


Prof. Dr. Georg W. Alpers

Prof. Dr. Georg W. Alpers

Head of the outpatient mental health clinic, Director of the Otto Selz Institute, Psychotherapist (BT), Supervisor
University of Mannheim
Otto Selz Institute
L 13, 17 – Room 208
68161 Mannheim
Dr. Alexandre Metraux

Dr. Alexandre Metraux

Associate member
Project: Otto Selz Archive