Group Therapy

Besides individual therapy, we also offer therapy in groups. Our goal in group therapy is to improve the mental health of our patients. Therefore, we apply scientifically sound methods of behavior therapy.

In the group therapy sessions, we provide our patients with knowledge about certain illnesses and problems. Moreover, we give specific instructions on how to deal with problems and help with the implementation of these instructions in everyday life. We try to reduce the risk of relapse and prepare our patients to manage crises independently. In the group, patients can benefit from the possibility to exchange ideas and give each other feedback, for example. In addition, they can benefit from already existing problem solving strategies.

    • Current group therapy services

      Currently, we offer the “group training for social skills” (“Gruppentraining Sozialer Kompetenzen”, GSK) .

      The GSK is a concept which aims at the learning of skills and strategies for dealing with interpersonal situations, e.g. saying no, making contact, enforcing rights. The procedure follows the scientifically sound group training model “Gruppentraining Sozialer Kompetenzen – GSK” according to Hinsch & Pfingsten (2015).

      In addition to the development of an individual explanatory model of social behavior, the GSK mainly focuses on practical application. In the GSK you have the possibility to train situations which are difficult for you and intensively work in groups. Role plays and interactive exercises (with video feedback, if applicable) allow you to discover yourself and practice social skills in a protected environment.

      Contents of GSK:

      • Information transfer (psychoeducation)
      • Specific exercises to manage socially difficult situations
      • Exchange with other group members
      • Transfer into everyday life