Neuropsychological Treatment

Clinical neuropsychology deals with the functions of the brain and focuses on changes in cognitive performance and psychological experience.

It is particularly beneficial for those who suffered a brain injury. In addition, it is used for persons with mental illnesses which may come along with neuropsychological impairments.

  • What is Clinical Neuropsychology?

    Clinical neuropsychology deals with the functions of the brain. In particular, disturbed functions or changes of cognitive performance, psychological experience and behavior caused by brain damages are examined. Furthermore, clinical neuropsychology focuses on specific therapeutic options for the treatment of neuropsychological impairments.

    Who can benefit from neuropsychological assessment and therapy?

    Persons who suffered brain damage, e.g. due to

    • a head injury as a result of an accident (craniocerebral injury)
    • a stroke or a cerebral hemorrhage
    • a brain tumor
    • an inflammation of the brain
    • a lack of oxygen supply to the brain
    • dementia

    Such treatment can also be helpful for people with mental illnesses which may come along with neuropsychological impairments.

  • What is the procedure of an outpatient neuropsychological therapy?

    Before starting therapy, a differential diagnosis is made to record disturbed and preserved cognitive functions (e.g. in the area of perception, attention, memory, language, action planning and organization), emotional experience, personality and behavior. Based on this diagnosis, therapy is then individually planned and carried out.

    Neuropsychological therapy applies measures to improve symptoms and compensate for deficits. In addition, the patients get help to better adapt to their illness. The overall objectives are for patients to regain the greatest possible degree of self-determination and to be supported in their participation in social and professional life.

    Family members and other important reference persons can be included in therapy.

  • Who pays for the outpatient neuropsychological therapy?

    Generally, the costs for neuropsychological therapy can be covered by insurance. Patients with acquired brain damage who are enrolled in statutory health insurance can claim coverage provided that there is a neurological as well as neuropsychological indication.

    Professional and trade associations and private health insurance providers often cover neuropsychological assessment and therapy. This needs to be checked in individual cases. We will be happy to help you with the reimbursement.